Benefits of meetups for B2B marketers

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A neighbourhood swing. With the message “sit on the deck”.

local swing, swing in a tree, pavement swing seat,

A place to meet informally

For a business, would it be good to have a place where people could come and drop by to have a chat?

Customer insight is notoriously hard to get. It’s easy to get from your passionate customers. It’s easy to get from your haters, but it’s the ones in between this ‘Marmite’ brigade who are more challenging.

If prospects just dropped by for a chat, would you get a sense of what their priorities are? Where your products fit in (or don’t)?

#b2bmarketing can do this using a forum, a group chat or a regular meetup group.

What would happen if you did not set an agenda? If attendees talked about their priorities instead of yours?

I am hosting a B2B Marketing Roundtable on 26th October at 2pm. Join us?

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