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Autoresponders Email Marketing – A Good Example

We recently visited GetSpokal.Com and were pleasantly surprised when we received 3 spaced apart automated emails after signing up to their newsletter. This is a brilliant example to show you Autoresponder Email Marketing done right. Not to mention their service description landing page is magnificent. Here are the autoresponders we received… Autoresponder Email 1: intro and thank […]


Business Marketing Tools Explained: What Are Autoresponders?

We create email Autoresponders on a regular basis because they’re a brilliant marketing tool. But so many people ask us what an Autoresponder actually is and why it makes sense for marketing your business. Autoresponders are more than just those out of office replies you get when you email someone sometimes.  They’re automated emails that start based on a defined […]


Email Auto Responders – A Quick Tutorial

I am a fan of email auto responders that send a pre-determined email reply out from your address.  They can be very helpful for new business development as an information tool for prospective customers. As ever, there are good and bad examples of automatic emails.  Here are four examples we have received recently that can […]


How To Make Your Anniversary Promotion Campaigns Better

Celebrating an anniversary whether it be one, ten or a hundred years is certainly something to be proud of. You, as a company should almost be bursting at the seams to tell potential and existing customers the news. Of course, for customers to get as excited as you, they expect something in return. That’s how […]


How To Create A Seamless Facebook Profile And Cover Photo

A matching Facebook cover photo and profile picture looks professional and exciting.  Look at the Ford one here – see the large image becomes the background behind the smaller logo picture?  Cute! You can do so many things with it such as making your Facebook followers laugh or just to make your profile look professional. […]


What Does A Client Brief Look Like?

Thanks to Dawn who wrote in asking “What does a client brief look like?”  Let us help you out. What to do when hiring an agency If you sub-contract your marketing to an agency or to freelancers, you want to be sure that you pay for and get good quality work. A lot of the […]


How To Introduce A Business By Email

Connecting two compatible businesses with each other can be one of strongest networking tools for you and other businesses. By connecting the groups, not only are you solidifying your own network, but also helping the two businesses who may be able to benefit each other. But often times this can be difficult over email. In […]


Step 5: Relationship development

This fifth step is where the hard work, diligence and persistence pay off in your search for success in new business development. People buy from people they know, like and trust and so having an active relationship with prospects who remember your name when they want to and can get in touch with you easily […]