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Website copy testing for SEO

I hired a copywriter to do the website home page – but how will I know if what they wrote WORKS?

Great question – I got this from a customer who did not hire me… but had the savvy to ask the right question. It looks nice but is the website home page copy doing its job? Bringing inbound traffic, showing up in SEO, right keywords and key phrases.

Testing web copy

After the copy has been published on your website leave it in place for a week so that the search engine spiders can crawl the site and index it fully.
Then do a test to see how you are performing.

Natural Search Copywriting

I will show you how to find out if what they wrote is showing up in natural search with the right keywords.
[Getting Google to show your website when someone searches online is a sign of GREAT copywriting.]
Go to this website, put in your URL and look at the results.  This client has 17 keywords and 0 visitor traffic. (It’s a new website so I’m not concerned about traffic volumes right now).
  1. Are these the right keywords for [your business]?
  2. Check the visitor traffic from New Zealand (it defaults to USA)
  3. What keywords are you showing up for? Do they look sort-of right?
  4. Check the search difficulty (right hand column) the lower the number the easier it is for you to compete for it

What next?

Your copywriters job is complete if the keywords match your business products and services – the type of search phrases you would expect someone to use when looking for a business like yours.

Now hand over to the marketing team – they will work out how to get website visitor numbers UP, how to start conversations with prospective customers and how to get customers to return and buy from you over and over again. [Inbound marketing; outbound marketing; loyalty repeat customer marketing; testimonials.]

Website traffic and Key word count

SEO copywriting, keyword check

Generate Business Domain Name Ideas That Give You a Competitive Edge

Have you ever noticed that some businesses have these epic names that make it easy for them to market and go viral? You can’t choose a name at random and hope for that kind of success. You need to be careful about the selection process. By generating ideas that give you a competitive edge, the name does the marketing for you.

So, how do you come up with business domain name ideas that help you compete? It’s all about knowing what to look for in a name. These tips will help you separate the good ideas from the bad ones.

Don’t Spell Words Wrong

You might be desperate to find a domain name that isn’t already taken. In your desperation, you may decide to spell a word wrong. It looks cute, right? There are a few big problems with spelling words wrong:

  1. People may not realize that you did it on purpose.
  2. People will try to spell the word correctly.
  3. Your domain name will auto-correct in various places when you type it out.
  4. You’ll always have to spell it out so that it isn’t typed wrong.

With so many problems, there is no situation where it makes sense for you to spell a word wrong. If you choose to spell it wrong anyway, you may find that search engine optimization becomes a nightmare – and you may end up sending a significant amount of business to the competition. This alone should scare you straight. There’s no reason why you have to spell words wrong just to nab a great domain.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Sure, you might be small now. What about in a year or five years? You don’t want to choose a business domain name that limits you from growing. This means that you have to be cautious with using specific products or services in the name – or even cities. If you expand, you don’t want to have to go through a rebranding. You also don’t want to confuse your audience.

If you’re going to put what it is that you do in the business name, think big. Why limit yourself to cupcakes when you offer other baked goods, too? Why limit yourself to repairs when you do renovations and new builds, too? Regardless of the industry that you’re in, you will offer more than one product or service – and if you limit yourself in your name, you’ll limit yourself in your client base at the same time.

Explore Domain Extensions

Why should the early adopters of the .com extension get all the fun? Too many people want to claim that you need that extension in a domain name. Why? 100 million websites are already using it, so it’s going to be hard to find a winning name if you stay committed to a .com website. Go with something new and memorable, like .ONLINE. It allows you to find a domain that fits your brand. Plus, the word ‘online’ is easy to spell and recognizable in a wide array of languages.


I created two for clients which are unique and match their business

Tax Consultancy uses .tax (

Podcast uses .chat (

Brainstorm Some Keywords

It’s important to get some ideas onto a piece of paper or a dry erase board. By brainstorming, you can be more fluid about the ideas that pop up. This is not the time to censor your thoughts. No idea is a bad idea…at least not yet.

Think about breaking out the thesaurus. Throw in an adjective. See what the competition is doing. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules about business domain name ideas. When you can do some brainstorming, you can contribute to a list of possibilities.

Don’t be afraid to involve others in the brainstorming, too. What do your friends have to say? Take it to social media and let others weigh in on the ideas. You may even want to make it a contest. Ask for people to throw out some ideas – and if you use one of their ideas, reward them with what it is that your brand has to offer.

Generate Something Unique

When it comes down to your business domain name, you need something unique. If it sounds like every other business in town (or within your industry), it’s going to be hard for you to stand out. Take a look at some of the most successful businesses out there – they have a name that allows them to hold their own. People remember it because it’s a great name.

While you may have to do some marketing to gain your competitive edge, you don’t want to have to work harder than necessary. If a name has nothing to do with what you sell or you have chosen to make the words hard to spell (or hard to say or hard to write out), it’s going to be a constant effort to market yourself.

The best business domain name ideas are ones that are instantly memorable. Once you happen upon a winner, you’ll know it.

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A Masterclass In Content Marketing – When You’re Out Of Ideas.

I was reading my Facebook feed and a US based content marketer of my acquaintance posted this request.

“OK, we write blog posts every month for a beach client. We’ve been writing for him for several years and the team is getting a little brain dead trying to drum up fresh ideas. Would love your help. They are a family-friendly vacation rental company (houses for a week, no weekends). Please leave your brilliant suggestions below & thanks!”

I couldn’t resist the challenge – but first, I started to read the answers she’d already garnered from her community.

What did I find out?

That there are a ton of creative folks whose minds are happy to help out when asked.

And so instead of stunning you with my amazing insight, I’m going to reproduce below the long list of suggestions made about what content to write about for a beach client.  And show you how you can adapt and learn from this list for your own business content marketing. 

How to use this content insight for your business

  • First, print out this article onto paper (old-fashioned, but helpful for this exercise).
  • Pick up a writing instrument (mine’s a fountain pen with liquid ink).
  • Draw two columns alongside the list of articles.
  • Go though the list and in the first column write down the underlying theme of the article title.
  • Then in the second column write down what an equivalent theme would be for your business.
  • Lastly, brainstorm 3-5 topic titles for each theme you write down for your business.

Have you got over one year’s worth of content already?

Here’s how to make the most of your archive and to lock good content into strong keywords and hashtags that convert.

The goal of content marketing is to get your website found, your brand recognised and aligned with the reasons people buy from you.  Creative Agency Secrets does local marketing.  I have many local marketing keyword phrase-laden articles on our website.  So when the local “grease monkey” in Pukekohe (don’t try to pronounce that if you’re not fluent in Maori) searched online for a local marketing agency, we showed up in the list, he called us; we’re meeting on Friday.  This is a marketing tactic that works and starts dialogue. And you can do it.

But if you think that ‘build-it-and-they-will-come’ is the tactic, you’re wrong. 

You must understand why people buy, what attracts them and then double down on the tactics and topics that already work for you.

Get canny with advanced content marketing

Make a keyword theme map with a few hundred keywords you’re probably not targeting. The keywords should dictate the content you write.  Use an independent, non-Google, non-Bing keyword discovery tool like SBI (we have an account and can do this for you).

Now you have that keyword theme map, which of the keywords are on page 2 of search results that could benefit from relevant, internal backlinks on your site? 

Also, does your business-model actually need new content? What does any single, new piece of content do for the business? Instead, how about focusing on the 20% of content that is already producing results and instead of writing more – promote that content more aggressively?  

Re-purpose the content that converts and share each piece more often also put it into every format (i.e. image square, image rectangle, video, audio, cinemagraph, infographic, ebook, slideshow, podcast guest) to maximise both its impact and its re-useability.

If the location is a very small place that is not overly commercial use the social content which is already being shared by visitors by searching “nearby” or local name hashtags.  The smart folks at from demonstrated this to the Paeroa Chamber of Commerce members.  They brought up content on social media that tourists and visitors were sharing.  This already had the place name tagged on photos and other socially shared content.  If local business owners re-shared that content, while tagging each other, they could build up some serious momentum around the town name on social media.  And all this without creating any original content at all.

So thanks to Karen, she has helped us write your masterclass on advanced content marketing. 

46 Content Article Suggestions for a Beach Client

  1. What to pack (by season, by age of child, when Grandma is staying) 
  2. Activities for road trips 
  3. Kid friendly restaurants/ attractions 
  4. Road trip checklist to make sure your vehicle is road ready
  5. Beach fashion
  6. What to do when the weather is less than perfect
  7. First aid tips
  8. Disaster relief while on vacation at the beach
  9. Books to read on a beach
  10. Local beach walks
  11. Easy meals
  12. Meals using local ingredients and where to buy them
  13. Newest spots to check out this year… There are always new restaurants opening
  14. A feature on Oregon inlet fishing charters… My next door neighbor will be on the newest edition of wicked tuna, on fishin’ frenzy.
  15. The history of the area is also very interesting… And there are a wide array of topics, from casinos to shipwrecks, to boat building.
  16. The different types of architecture you can find out here is neat, too… Flat top houses (there is a tour each year), nags head style cottages (what do each of the different ornamental elements on them mean?), life saving stations, etc
  17. Beach nourishment is coming to the northernmost beaches this year, too. What is beach nourishment?  They are dredging sand from the ocean and pumping it onto the beach to widen them.
  18. Top reasons people didn’t go to the beach, but should have
  19. How to make the best sand castles 
  20. Top 5 reasons not to bury a sibling in the sand 
  21. Food that goes best with sandy fingers 
  22. Beat the heat with these 3 things 
  23. How to avoid sand spurs
  24. Top 3 things kids really want in a beach vacation 
  25. Top 3 things adults really want in a beach vacatio, 
  26. Don’t leave___ until you have eaten the____ 
  27. What NOT to do when you’re at the beach (leave the work and technology at home) 
  28. What to do when you want to sit on the beach and your spouse doesn’t
  29. Fun stuff off the beaten path
  30. Volunteer options when you’re staying at the beach (relax and do good at the same time)
  31. Best place to get coupons to save money on local attractions
  32. Do this, not that (places to go, places to avoid, etc.)
  33. Top movies to watch on netflix while you’re at the beach
  34. How to tell if you shouldn’t wear a bikini or speedos
  35. Top reasons to visit in seasons other than summer. There are lots of events in the spring and fall 
  36. Sea glass and shells are best found in the winter months
  37. The Secret to finding the best shells and sea glass
  38. Best places to take your kids out to eat
  39. Which restaurants are best for a date night
  40. Art projects for the beach
  41. 10 things to bring with if driving to save $$
  42. What to do in the rain
  43. Playing card games for 5-8 year olds
  44. Camps or other activities they can do
  45. Fun community activities if you want to meet others
  46. Where to shop for food
  47. Best source of local restaurant discounts