How to name your new business

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A client has asked us how she can go about finding a suitable name for her new business.  This is our DIY suggestion about the method to use.
  1. go and do a synonyms and antonyms search
  2. do a Google Keyword tool search for 1,2, and 3 word phrases
  3. put them into a spreadsheet
  4. create a scoring where 3 = brilliant, 2 = OK and 1 = maybe and blank is poor.
  5. rank by score and focus on making a shortlist of 20
  6. consult a branding and graphic design expert who can help you create a short list of 3-5 and develop a logo and branding to suit.
That should see you through the first bit of the job.
If you choose to work with Creative Agency Secrets – we can either teach you how to do the marketing or do the marketing for you.
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