Brainstorming Brand Names

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Brainstorming brand names is hard.

As a B2B Copywriting expert, here’s my copywriting method.

Brand names require a different approach

Start with blank paper and write down ANYTHING.

One line per name choice.

Dump down any words which could be part of your brand name.

Then do individual words – and create 2 and 3 word phrases with those words in.

Then stop. Take a day off.

Next day do some research – go to forums, reddit, amazon and read reviews people write for products in your niche, for podcasts, books and discussions. While reading, write down any phrases that seem to jump out at you as having resonance.

Add these to your list – one line per name choice.

Short list brand names

Now comes the narrowing down part. Create a short list and write one option on each separate piece of paper.

Hang them around your room. Every time you walk in or out look at them… add ticks to the ones which resonate. Get familiar with them, edit them, add new ones that occur to you.

When you have a short list of 3, ask your trusted friends what they think. Listen carefully to their replies.


When you have a short list of 2, ask the public what they think. Listen carefully to their replies.


Make your final choice.

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