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Client references

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It’s always nice to have some past clients who either write testimonials or provide references or act as references for new clients.

I was asked recently who my client references are and what I did with and for them.

  1. Armour Safety – supplier of health and safety workplace protection whose PPE stocks blasted off the shelves during lockdown. Now lead importer / distributor for global brands like 3M and Hellberg
  2. MethSolutions – launching a completely new service, meth amphetamine testing in rental properties.  Created a “cause” and persuaded property managers and real estate agents that this was a necessary precaution as an ongoing service.
  3. Baucher Tax Consultancy – became the go-to media commenter on tax when they don’t want a ‘Big 4’ voice.  Started him on twitter, podcasting and blogging.
  4. – independent media website focused on “the NZ Economy” – customer survey and migration to paid subscribers, and daily podcast as a new channel.
  5. University of Auckland Connect [computer department] – external profile raising as a leading innovator and a great place to work for recruitment
  6. American Chamber of Commerce – rebranding, regular member communications and membership growth (8%)
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