Grey Lynn Business Association Seminar

How to get your business website bringing in leads and enquiries

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Finding a new client can be challenging. Nowadays many prospects look online before getting in touch by email or phone. Without a good website, you are losing sales. Do you know how to test the effectiveness of your website?

To help businesses figure out the best solutions to this, the Grey Lynn Business Association is hosting the seminar “How to get your business website bringing in leads and enquiries” on Friday, June 10th, from 7 am to 9 am. Rebecca Caroe, Founder & CEO of Creative Agency Secrets will be the speaker and give both a quick understanding of the effectiveness of  websites and some cheap / free ways to improve it.

This talk is part of the Winter Wake Up Workshop Series, a month and a half long programme focused on business development. The seminars will be every Friday morning at the Grey Lynn Community Centre.

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