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What’s in a name?

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It’s undeniable that one of the key components to owing and operating a successful business in today’s world is to have a strong web presence. You may think you know how to do that without help, but are you sure? Most of us have a vague idea of what it would take to boost our on-line profile personally. A company’s public identity can and should be different, though. Even if you think you’ll be fine on your own, it’s a solid idea to check out who can help you and what assistance they can offer. That’s where Namify’s blog name generator can come in handy.

More Than Meets the Eye

Some blog name generators are just that: they suggest a name for your blog based on a couple of keywords you put in their search engine bar. But other blog name generators, like Namify, are for more than just blogs. The words you choose should be representative of your blog or business. These can actually help you plan your business and establish your brand, especially online.

One thing a good name generator service does is look into the future for you. It’s not possible for each new business start-up to understand all the nuances of web-based marketing. That’s where Namify’s inclusive service comes in handy. Social media is a must; a great service will match you with a business name that represents your company well and attracts attention across different social media platforms by suggesting a name that’s available on those platforms. You don’t want to name your business something and then find out someone else has that name claimed on Instagram or Twitter.

Dot What?

The future of having a web presence for your company doesn’t have to include a .com. A tech-based business can now have a .tech web address. There are different domains available for stores, businesses, blogs and clothing brands. Why would this matter? Increasingly, the .com domain is getting crowded with unwieldy website names. A different domain gives you the chance to both register your business name exactly as it is and be eye-catchingly original at the same time. Anything positive that helps you set yourself apart from your competition is a good thing, right?


Just having a memorable business and domain name isn’t enough, though. You’ll need a company logo to help your customers recognize you where ever your presence is felt on the web. Logos can be difficult to nail down unless you find a gifted and imaginative graphic designer, which gets really expensive. Namify’s generator services cut out the need for taking a chance on someone who won’t understand your vision because they offer help with designing a striking logo for you based on the information you provide when you initially go to them for assistance.

Better services offer options for your logo, also. You don’t have to settle for the first – and only – one they suggest. You can have some input as to your logo. After all, it’s your business and your dream.

Do You Really Need This?

Even if your business isn’t web-based, you still need a web presence. Verisign discovered that if a business, even a small business, has an established web identity, 84% of potential customers were more likely to believe in that business’s reliability. People turn to the web to search for what they need. A listing in the yellow pages isn’t going to help you because almost no one uses them anymore. Your corporation’s website is where people will go to learn everything from your open hours to what specifically you can do for them. So, yes, your company needs to be on the internet.

With so many tools available to help you make a success of your business venture, not looking into a name search generator could potentially cost you a lot.

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