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Featured on the 302 Temp Redirect show

Thanks to Glenn Marvin of Konnector who interviewed me on his 302 Temporary Redirect Show (that’s a geek joke – a website has a 302 error code…. ).   5 key activities for B2B Marketing During the show Glenn asked me what my “always on” fundamental B2B marketing activities are.  If you want to listen […]

Hacking the Value Conversation

  By Blair Enns, Pricing Creativity Webinar Host – May 2018, details here. The value conversation is where value pricing theory goes to die. The difficulty in mastering this conversation is what causes most people to give up on value-based pricing completely and revert back to selling time and materials. It needn’t be so difficult, […]

Business Accelerators in New Zealand

In doing market validation research for a client, we researched the Business Accelerators who are best known in New Zealand.  Since I couldn’t find a place where they are all listed, I thought I’d create one.  [We did this before for Youth Entrepreneur Organisations in New Zealand]. Callaghan Innovation funds accelerators NZ Product Accelerator  Venture […]

Customer Feedback and Reviews template email

I got this question from Quora and here’s the answer I submitted. How can e-commerce companies encourage customers to submit reviews? There are ethical methods and less ethical methods of getting client testimonials for ecommerce. A bribe is not ethical – but people do it. Give us a review and get a coupon / discount […]

Trade Marketing tips

You asked us about Trade Marketing.  This is when you sell something to another business and they sell it to the ultimate customer.  Fundamentally it’s just selling but because it’s restricted to selling within a single industry or “trade” it gets another name…. the key thing for you to know is that the principles of […]