1 Simple Trick to Increase Reach on Facebook

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Have you noticed that you’re not achieving the Facebook reach you used to get?

Have no fear, it’s not just you. Facebook  constantly tweak their EdgeRank algorithm that determines what people see on their news feed. You are now seeing more promoted content as well as content that Facebook decides is more personalised to you.

Here is a handy tip to getting your posts on Facebook to reach the people who want to see the content you share.

Encourage your followers to receive notifications so they don’t miss out on the fantastic posts that you regularly make. By requesting to see notifications they are telling Facebook’s news feed algorithm that you have content that they want to see. This will make sure that your posts stop getting lost in the news feed and get the reach they deserve.

A simple way to do this is by creating a cover photo that encourages your followers to take the steps to get notifications.

Here is one we prepared earlier.

Rowperfect header

We created a photo, quite simple to do with any photo editor (we used powerpoint). Then added some simple directions for our followers to take so they can easily see our posts on their news feeds.

If you liked this trick we have some other Facebook related tips. Want to get your Twitter followers onto your Facebook page? Or Make matching Facebook profile and cover photos?

If this is all a bit too much for your skillset or you want to leave it in the hands of the pros then we can do it for you.


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