Amanda Wikstrom, the Intern

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My name is Amanda Wikstrom and I´m a marketing student from Sweden. I’m here at Creative Agency Secrets for a 3 months internship which is included in my education. In May I will finish my third year of Marketing and be graduating which I´m really exited about. But first I want to learn more about marketing in real life, not just reading about it in books and I think I have come to perfect place for that.

This is my second day at Creative Agency Secrets and I’m still trying to learn and understand the business, but what I have noticed so far is that creative Agency Secrets can offer you many cool tools for your business to grove and be developed within marketing.

About Creative Agency Secrets

Creative Agency Secrets helps you find the best practical marketing tools for your business.  They can do all of your marketing if you want or if you only need marketing advice, Creative Agency Secrets can help you with that. They also offer you training courses with coaching or self-learning.

What we do

Google Analytics is one of many tools that Creative Agency Secrets use. I have just started to learn about and I find it very interesting but a little bit hard, Google Analytics can do so much and I have a lot more to learn . In my three months here I hope to learn more about how marketing work in the real life and which marketing tools are the most effective. I also like to learn more about social media, how to analysis the content and how to create interesting content that people will read and take part in.

Thanks for reading

This is my first blogpost and I hope that I will  learn more about how to blog and write interesting and engaging posts.

See ya /Amanda




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