Which CRM Tools Are Best Used With Google

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As a business owner, you want the best for your sales team. One of the things that you can provide them to help them focus on doing what they do best (bring in more sales for your company) is a Google CRM.

Okay, you might think that it isn’t something new, you’ve heard about Customer Relationship Management software before. But, Google CRM isn’t your ordinary CRM tool as it integrates with Google’s suite of apps smoothly. That said, tracking conversations between the CRM and Gmail, for example, becomes possible.

Instead of bringing trouble, CRM software should help your sales and marketing team close more deals, increasing the revenue of your business in the long run. However, since most companies have dozens to hundreds of sales reps, the CRM keeps up by offering way too many features. Is it a good thing? It should be, but it often ends up becoming more of a trouble, primarily when not utilised properly.

If it’s streamlining the use of a CRM tool that you want, then choose those that you can integrate with Google without any problem. You can start with a Google CRM free tool and upgrade later on as you begin to identify more needs for your company.

This post will show you the top three best CRM tools that you can use with Google. Check them out below.


EngageBay is an award-winning product for nurturing and engaging clients of small and mid-sized real estate agencies.
The software provides a seamless experience including online CRM, marketing automation, sales bay, live chat and a helpdesk.

EngageBay makes it possible to automate manual tasks, track deals and sales pipeline, provide real-time assistance that easily converts visitors into customers and prioritise and solve customer support enquiries.

Starting at a monthly subscription as low as $8.99, EngageBay is feature loaded, easy to setup and use and is cloud-hosted. It can be integrated with many third-party applications. Customer support gives you prompt resolutions to questions & issues.

2. Zoho

Social media integration, sales insights, and, of course, G Suite integration, are what Zoho offers. It serves as an all-in-one platform, aligning your marketing and sales team.

Using real-time data coming from different sources, like marketing campaigns, social media engagements, as well as email, your company can target and prioritise prospects. If you want to start closing deals using different channels through an all-in-one CRM tool that can integrate with all Google apps, then Zoho is right for you.

What CRM Tools Are Best Used With Google

What CRM Tools Are Best Used With Google

You can start with a Free plan with Zoho, which will give you contact management features, 1 GB storage, and social integration. The free subscription also allows three users at max. To enjoy additional features, such as email insights, forecasting, and lead scoring, you have to upgrade to the Standard plan, which will cost your company only twelve dollars a month. Should you wish to avail of the Professional Subscription, you’ll enjoy social-to-lead capture, plus LinkedIn and Twitter interaction for twenty dollars every month.


If you want a CRM tool that’s very easy to understand, Streak is worth checking out. The CRM also features email tracking, giving you the chance to know if someone has already opened those emails you’ve sent or not yet.

Aside from the email open tracking feature, Streak also offers contextual reminders, delayed-send emails to cater to prospects and customers from different timezones, scheduling, templates, as well as mail merges. You can also check the status of your sales process through charts and graphs, giving you useful data visualisations.

Checking emails, even if you’re not part of the thread, is also possible with a collaborative email. Contextual data in your inbox will also let you see notes alongside emails, together with account information.

The pricing for Streak will depend on what level of subscription you choose. You can use its basic functionality using the free personal level subscription. You can pay forty-nine dollars per month for the professional level and enjoy more features. If you want a ton more support, the enterprise level will be a perfect choice.


If you want a contact management system with robust marketing automation, social media integrations, and, of course, G Suite integration, Agile could be the best choice. Aside from managing your leads and contacts, the CRM also allows the creation of customised campaigns and placing event triggers using text and email.

Agile CRM has three subscription plans –the free, starter, and regular. You can have ten users in the free subscription, together with email campaigns, lead scoring, contact management, and Gmail/G Suite integration.

If you’re going to upgrade, the starter plan will cost your company $9.99 every month, while the regular subscription requires a $39.99 monthly payment.

The Bottom Line – Your Choice

Whether you’re in a contact’s record or your email inbox, the Google CRMs mentioned in this post make communication easy by integrating with Gmail and the G Suite applications.

You can sync, track, and schedule your Gmail inbox based on the action of your prospect or customer. You can also enjoy features, such as visitor tracking, lead intelligence, and email automation, among others.

The best Customer Relationship Management tools above, which you can use with Google, will revolutionise your marketing campaigns, increases sales, and improve customer satisfaction in your business.

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