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Linear Careers aren’t normal

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Helping others get a career ‘step up’ is important work.

I’ve been working with OneUpOneDown and their inspirational founder Natalie Robinson to help my own transition towards governance work.

She asked me to share my career story – and so I did. It’s an article on their Career Stories blog.

Learn from others

What I found illuminating is that when you ask, few people have a totally linear career path.

I found it easy to presume that everyone was doing something that I was not doing in my job choices.

Sharing my story may help others work out their best next move.
How can you help? Sign up to either mentor or be a mentee at OneUpOneDown.

Squiggly Line Credit

This goes to Claudia Batten – whose video is worth watching. She also has a fine weekly newsletter about Squiggly careers from her website Squiggly Life.


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