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I’m a digital abstract New Zealand artist. I do paintings in digital form then get them printed onto canvas. I’m trying to look for an Art Manager or Art Agent to help me to promote and sell my art.  Do you know of anyone that will be able to help me grow my business?


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Thanks for getting in touch.  You work in a specialist area and so I’ve consulting my contacts in the art world and have these recommendations
  1. list yourself on The Big Idea website – put up your portfolio, price your works and link back to your website to tell people how to buy your work.
  2. if you want representation, you have to go and meet people and show them your work.  There’s no substitute for face to face personal contact.
  3. first work out where you’d like to sell – which places / websites / galleries would suit your work or represent similar art styles?  Make a list of them.  Phone them up or email and arrange to visit with your portfolio and start a conversation with the owners.  Follow up, send them regular updates about your work
  4. have a newsletter or blog where you can publish your latest works and email these out to your mailing list.   If you don’t have one yet, start to collect the email addresses of everyone you meet who could either buy your work or may know someone who could buy it.  Send them messages regularly.
Good luck and I hope you succeed.

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