Marketing a tree care surgery business

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I am looking to launch a tree care (trimming, removal) business and was looking for ideas on creative

English: Tree Surgery, Omagh All the smaller b...

Tree Surgery, Omagh All the smaller bits get mulched. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

advertising etc that can be done cheap.

You’ve come to the right place!  You don’t say which town you are in but here are our best suggestions:
  1. Join a BNI group.  Business Networking International meetings are weekly and members refer new business to each other.
  2. Get a business card and fridge magnet printed (use something like  Hand these out to people you meet, clients. Give them 2 each and ask them to pass one to a friend.
  3. Approach the local schools and ask them if they’d like to do a fund raiser.  They promote your services to parents and you give back 10% of all  revenues to the school for their own use.  You will have to give them a poster or flier with all the details designed on it (the person who designs your business cards can do this at the same time).
  4. Use Yellow pages to find all the property rental agencies in the town.  Make an appointment to visit each one and ask to talk to the Property Managers.  Tell them about your service and ask how you can get onto their approved suppliers list.  These people regularly use services like yours for managed rental houses and apartments.
How do these sound?  I picked them because you can do them all yourself as the business owner without specialist marketing skill –  you just need to be able to explain your service and your prices.
If we can help you with other marketing things e.g. writing a website, running a newsletter, creating a customer database, online advertising, blogging, using social media – please ask.
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