My internship at Creative Agency Secrets – by Amanda Wikström

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Amanda WikströmMy name is Amanda Wikström and I’m a marketing student from Sweden. I have had the pleasure to work with Rebecca and the Creative Agency Secrets team for the last two and a half months. My internship has been a part of my education to get “real” marketing experience and the opportunity to test my knowledge in real life.

I feel that I have learned a lot, more the last few months at CAS than during the past three years in the University!  The University has taught me the theory of marketing and economics but here at Creative Agency Secrets I have had the opportunity to experience how a marketing agency is working in real life.

What I have learnt at Creative Agency Secrets

  • Blogging – I have been written my own blog about my internship. But the major blogging experience have I earned by coordinate clients blog calendars, I have written, researched, read, scheduled and planned for upcoming blog posts. I have learned how to create interesting content and how to use SEO to get it noticed by readers.
  • Social media – I have learned the importance with keeping up with social media and how and when to publish posts. I have also learned the theory behind the social media and how you can coordinate and connect your different social media channels with each other.
  • Google Analytics – I have learned how keeping track of your analytics can increase your business and help you develop new opportunities for the future. By tracking the traffic on your website you can take advantage of your market situation and change your behaviour on the website to suit your customers’ needs.
  • Client meetings – I have handled clients of my own, which has been scary, but at the same time very fun and educating. I have learned how important it is to always plan and be prepared for meetings. To get the opportunity to handle the clients by myself has giving me a lot more confidence and I have enjoyed it a lot.
  • New Marketing tools – I have been introduced to a bunch of great marketing tools that I have started to learn more about. I have learned how to set up accounts for clients and how to run them. The major marketing tools I used were WordPress, Mailchimp, FeedBlitz, Google Analytics and Teamwork to name a few.
  • The Importance of Researching – I have got experience and knowledge on how to research effectively and the importance of always be up to date on the latest research.
  • Website development – I have been introduced to different website CMSs and learned the basics about how to run them, upload content and link between different pages. As well as use SEO to get the website noticed.
  • Email marketing – I have learned the basics with e-mail marketing, what to think about when writing and sending e-mails to customers, how to set up accounts and create email templates.
  • Graphic design – From my colleague Theo Martin I have learned the basics of editing photos and text that can be used in blogs and on social media.

A Big Thanks!

I want to thank all the wonderful people in the Creative Agency Secret team  whom I had have the pleasure to meet. But I’ll like to send a special thanks to Rebecca who has been a great teacher/mentor and a huge inspiration!

Now I’m going back to Sweden for my graduation and hopefully find a marketing job that is as interesting and fun as this experience has been. I’ll wish the team at Creative Agency Secrets and the BizDojo all the best of luck in the future, lovely to meet you all!


Amanda Wikström




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