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Persuading people to join your mailing list is probably the most important first step in new business development tactics.  A mailing list is a valuable asset for your business.  The people who give up their time to join your list WANT to know what you do. They are interested in your business.

The right offer drives more sign ups

Copywriting for new business is a particular skill.  You need to be able to put forward the right offer in a manner and tone of voice that makes the biz dev copy persuade the reader to take the action you want.

The words included require these elements:

  • an offer
  • a reason
  • some exclusivity

Case study texts for newsletter sign up

First, Chris Garrett gives away e books – he’s updated these since I first saw them but the offer is still 2 ebooks, he varies them.

Expert copy writing for newsletter sign ups

Expert copy writing for newsletter sign ups

And from BlueGlass marketing at the bottom of a blog post an offer of insider information.  Good use of italics and bold and three strong offers.


Persuasive newsletter sign-up copy

Persuasive newsletter sign-up copy


Want to make your newsletter list grow?

Get our experts working on your offer so we can make an irresistible offer to your site visitors.

They will want to sign up and get closer to your business.  And that’s step one on the road to a pipeline full of new business leads coming to your business.


Read more articles on Step 1 of the new business development process with Creative Agency Secrets.  

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