7 ways to use Print in a digital world.

7 Ways to Use Print in a Digital World

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Nowadays, everything seems to be done digitally. Companies are embracing social media;

Use Print for digital, marketing,

7 ways to use Print in a digital world. Image license https://www.pexels.com/photo-license/

constantly spending money to update their web sites; and sending out endless emails to customers throughout the world, many of which will simply go straight to the junk folder. Despite this digital dominance, print promotion still has a very real use for businesses though, and can provide an absolutely invaluable way for businesses to get noticed and reach a targeted audience.

Sure, print marketing isn’t the same as it used to be. No longer is it as viable to simply drop thousands of leaflets through doors, but by adopting some more innovative strategies, businesses can still get stunning results. Below you’ll find a few different ways to jazz up your print materials, and really make an impact where it matters – on the streets, and in the homes of your potential new clients and customers…

Embrace Branded Merchandise

Print doesn’t just mean printing on paper – it also means printing your name, logo and contact details onto anything a potential customer might use. Do you sell a product online? Well, consider printing out some mouse mats, to remind people about you every time they use their computer. Or perhaps you could give away pens, balloons or all manner of other goodies at a local event? Every time someone sees your name, they’ll be more likely to look you up in the future.

Get More from Your Business Cards

Every half decent businessman has business cards, however most people have loads of them stuffed into their wallets. In fact, most people simply throw them away, without a second thought. That’s why you need to make your business cards stand out! You’ll find loads of fantastic ideas to add something new to your business cards when you look online, from innovative use of colour through to pop-out figures. So, why not get some inspiration?

Change the Format

How many leaflets do you get with the local paper? And how many of them do you actually read? To make someone actually want to look through your leaflet, it’s going to need to look extra special. So, perhaps it’s time to ditch the standard A5 size, and the tried and tested rectangular shape. Do something different, like experimenting with 3D designs that pop from the page, or having leaflets in different shapes. Basically, do anything to make your leaflet stand out from the rest!

Get Personal

People want to feel valued, and when they do, they’re more likely to develop a particular allegiance to a company. What better way to ensure they feel valued than to treat them as individuals? It’s not as hard as you might think though. If you have the birthdays of customers, you could print out loads of birthday cards, and you can certainly print out a huge heap of Christmas cards and send them out. It’s these little touches that will mark you out from the competition.


There are loads of competitions online, but how about turning the whole thing on its head, and running print only competitions? For example, you could say that only those bringing the leaflet to your store will be eligible for the prize draw. That way, you should have loads of people heading to you, and some people might even purchase an item or two! The value of the prize you give will almost certainly have its cost covered by the extra purchases.

Be Cryptic

People love to be intrigued, and to have the opportunity to solve a mystery. You can capitalise on this by creating deliberately cryptic print promotions, that encourage people to speculate on the identity of the advertiser. Then, when enough people are talking about it, you make your big reveal – and everyone is suddenly talking about your company, and how innovative your advertising strategy is!

Don’t Deviate from the Essentials

Despite the changing landscape of print promotion, there are some things that will remain the same forever. So, remember this: while you are trying to innovate, ensure that you still keep the vital stuff in plain view. That means clear CTAs, easy-to-find contact details, and your company’s name in big, bold letters. You only need to tweak the mixture, not invent a whole new recipe!

So, there you have it: some great ways to improve your print promotion, and none of them cost huge amounts of money. A little bit of thought and a lot of effort are all you need if you want to make print promotion work!

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