Prince Harry with braces - mBraceables

This season’s teen Xmas gift?

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What is it about the ‘stocking filler’ category that brings out the zany product ideas?  I know we’re all fed up with cartoons about dead cats, Princess Diana photos and printed diaries or calendars.

So how about pictures on your teeth?

Introducing mBraceables

Clip on images that go on your front four teeth over the dental brace mount.

There are 8 mBraceable designs which you can clip on and off.  Made from food-safe plastic and classed as ‘jewellery’ these could be your best fun on Christmas Day.

Imagine what Prince Harry would have looked like with some cute pictures on his teeth?

Prince Harry with braces - mBraceables

Prince Harry with braces – mBraceables

[Disclosure: mBraceables are a client of Creative Agency Secrets]

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