Skincare brand launch gift ideas

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We got a question from a reader

Skincare launch

Skincare launch [image credit]

Hi, will you please give me an idea about launching and what gifts we can give to our guests. I want something related to skin care products.


Product launch gifts

What the gift is – should relate to your brand.  Ideally can you create small samples in tiny bottles, blister packs or boxes so people can try out several products?
For your launch gift, I suggest three options based on the commitment people make to giving you their time and attention for your launch event.

  1. people who come in person – give them a bag with samples of your product. They get the best gift because they came in person.
  2. people who say they will come in person but do not show on the day. Ask for their phone number and offer to give them the bag if they meet you in person afterwards.
  3. people who cannot come in person – give them a discount code to buy their first order and send them some extra small samples as a gift ‘surprise’ when they order.

The key here is to give the greatest value to the people who come on the day.

Product launch marketing campaign

When planning your launch marketing you will need to have thought through the following as well

  • contact details for invitees
  • follow up email or messaging after the event
  • quotes from attendees to use as Press Releases and customer testimonials
  • web shop able to use discount codes / vouchers
  • ways to recognise these early customers when they return to shop a second time (will they become loyal?)

Of course, this is just a list of ideas and needs to be linked together into a fully rounded campaign and tied into your website, CRM database, metrics and other publicity to make a proper campaign.


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