Leads tracking spreadsheet sample

The Art and Science of Generating Leads

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Many business owners tell us that they want more inbound leads and enquiries for new business.  We know exactly how to do it AND we’ve been practicing what we preach for years.  Here is the proof – our own data month by month of enquiries to buy Creative Agency Secrets’ services.

Leads tracking spreadsheet sample

Leads tracking spreadsheet sample

Today we’re announcing a webinar that shows you exactly HOW we do it, so you can learn to do this for yourself.  February 10th 2016.

The art and science of generating leads Event Sign up

The art and science of generating leads results in a new business development plan.  That’s a month by month chart of activities, all oriented around starting conversations that lead to paying clients.  And on this 90 minute webinar I am going to show you HOW to do it and then how to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Creative Agency Secrets are experts in proactive execution marketing.  This is the technique that builds up your business profile which creates leads which become enquiries which become sales.  It’s a continuous cycle. 

Sounds simple – but most business owners do not know HOW to do it. 

This workshop is for business owners and managers who are responsible for finding new clients and growing revenues.  It will show you the practical, tried and tested techniques that the Creative Agency Secrets team uses.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you will learn:

  • How to create a unique company profile.
  • A check list of marketing activities.
  • New business pipeline analysis.
  • What you need to do to get better known in your industry.
  • Learn relationship building for getting and keeping long term clients.
  • How to spot opportunities for new business sales.
  • The business process that delivers leads.
  • What to measure to track progress.

Don’t take our word for it…

“I thought it was great, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyed the ideas. I also appreciated all the little things that can be done and those things that don’t take money but have a big impact. It was great and I thoroughly would recommend it to all business owners looking to expand business online.”

Julie Soboil, co-owner, Hushamok

“The business sessions with you were very good – reinforced my thinking but was given expert and very helpful and thoughtful information for me to digest. Although I am very aware of the importance of social media, I also realise that I am behind in using it so need to make time to get up to speed.”

Helen Mitchell, Managing Director, Anti-aging World

Register for the event by clicking any of the links to The Art and Science of Generating Leads

Tickets are Free

And we are offering two different tickets – Attend Live and Watch Later.  Both require you to sign up for February 10th 2016 event.

Event timings

10th February 2016 times in different country / locations

  • New Zealand 10 February 12 pm midday
  • Australia NSW/VIC 10 February 10 am 
  • Australia QLD10 February 9 am
  • United States PST 9 February 3 pm
  • United States EST 9 February 6 pm
  • United Kingdom 9 February 11 pm
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