The best approach to get leads for a B2B solution

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I got this question on where I’m a registered consultant and so decided to share my answer here as well.

  • Firstly, get some testimonials and case studies for the product.
  • Build a website and pay to have it SEOed professionally.
  • Plan a blog writing year of articles.
  • Get public speaking opportunities to showcase your expertise and if you can, mention the B2B solution.
  • Buy a mailing list (or build your own) and use direct mail to educate the audience in your area of expertise. Later mention the B2B solution and build a landing page on the website to capture inbound enquiries.
  • Seek referrals and word of mouth from happy customers.

In order to do these things you will need the following marketing assets: Website, brochure collateral, marketing automation software, CRM database, SEO and strong copywriting.

Happy to help with more detail if you arrange a 20 minute phone call with me personally. I can either tutor you in how to do it yourself, or my team can do it with/for you.

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