Number 1 business website problem

Website appraisal – criteria for success

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If you ask Creative Agency Secrets to help improve your website marketing, a good place to

Number 1 business website problem

Number 1 business website problem
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start is with a website appraisal.  You get a summary document of issues and recommendations for improvements.

So far, so good.

The number 1 problem with business websites

Let me tell you the one thing that over and over trips up our website appraisal – the site is created without having first answered these 3 questions.

  1. Who is it for?
  2. What is it about?
  3. What do you want visitors to do?

If you create a business website without first doing these 3 answers, the results will be haphazard.

Answering them will inform

  • writing style
  • keywords
  • calls to action
  • menu structure
  • ancillary marketing (newsletter / brochures / case studies)
  • blog categories, themes and post-types

I’ve just been asked to appraise a web page called “Why choose us?”.

Believe me, it was desperately hard, because the page did not answer the question in the title.

I am known for being straight-talking and as a result the report was frank – if the client had first done the thinking, then they would have a much clearer website page and I could have added much more value with more detailed recommendations.  Without answers I could only guess the answers and the recommendations weren’t as full and complete as I would have liked.

Do your business website a favour today

Go and answer those 3 questions.  NOW!

Signed: In grateful thanks – your marketing team

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