Website holding page – how to use for marketing gain

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Taking your website offline is rarely welcomed by the marcomms team.  sometimes you have go do it.

Brand Glue did a great job of making a strong message come through their holding page.

In fact, since I took this screen shot, the timer doesn’t seem to have ‘counted down’ any more…. wonder if it’s really a permanent thing.  Tho they have added an article below it about their newsfeed optimization service.

in any event, don’t allow a 404 redirect to show up if you can avoid it.

Plus, having a ‘timer’ on the page keeps the focus  pressure on the team building the new website.

Which’ll probably be late.

That’s life.

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  1. Jeff widman
    Jeff widman says:

    🙂 We’ve been so swamped with clients that we haven’t had time to work on the website until recently. Graphic mockup just got finished, so expect something to go live in a month or so…

    BrandGlue CEO


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