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Selling consultancy is hard.  And selling a professional service is doubly hard.

Niche selling is the best way to be – create a tight brief of detailed information what you do and for whom.  Stay focused and don’t deviate.

All easy to say and hard to do.

When a contact asked me “What are your superpowers?”

I’d like to get an idea of your superpowers, your ok powers, and what you don’t do as well. This will help me work out who best to refer you too, and whether you could be a supplier to me too.

I was challenged to write a decent answer.

describe your superpowers

From a Slack channel introduction automation.


Rebecca’s Superpowers

Clearly a lovely Americanism – but hey, who doesn’t want to believe that wearing a cape will “enable the user to fly”?
  • Business to business marketing – does what it says on the tin.  From strategy to tactics. For your Board, for your internal team, for your agency suppliers and subcontractors.

Subsidiary superpowers

Supporting the big one….

  • Marketing strategy – what is the big picture of what you need to achieve and the (likely) tactics which will get you there?
  • Customer relationship management – the strategy to build long term relationships with people who buy from your business.
  • Building a team who understands what is needed and collaborates effectively to get work done.
  • Briefing – ensuring instructions are clear and understood, delivered within brief and on budget.
  • Copywriting – explaining complex things in suitable language for the audience.
  • Teaching marketing – helping others understand the big picture and where each detail fits into the overall plan.  PLUS how to do marketing.
  • Knowing about new tools, techniques and services. I scan the outside world and am frequently an early user / adopter of new things e.g. Blogging since 2006; Twitter since 2007, Podcasting since 2013.

OK Powers

These are competencies.
  • Website management – using different CMS interfaces
  • Search Engine Optimisation – the words that get you found and the software that ensures your site is indexed regularly.
  • Customer journey mapping – how do customers find you, where and when and how to engage with them.
  • Sales – finding the right prospects, engaging with them and starting the sales conversation.
  • Pitching – when you need to present the best face of your business for a very important deal or contract.
And lastly, what I don’t do.
Do PR or organise parties.



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