Affiliate marketing tips

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Affiliate marketing is a technique that businesses can use to boost their revenue by advertising for another company. This relationship is dependent on three participants; the publisher, the advertiser and the consumer and each plays an integral role in the process.

The publisher is the one who refers the consumer to the advertiser’s website and in turn receives a kickback from the new viewership. The publisher usually works on commission which varies according to the amount of new clicks and views that they pull in, which can be tracked by unique links.

To harness this technique to its full advantage advertisers must incentivise the publisher to produce

Affiliate publisher relationship

Affiliate publisher relationship

a high quality and interesting way to point new users to their site. This doesn’t have to be expensive but if you’re lacking a research department you’ll find yourself paying more than you should.

Using an affiliate link within copy should not be overly noticeable or stand out too much or this will defeat the purpose of the exercise. Whether you’re an advertiser or publisher it’s important to know how to add a link without it sticking out like a sore thumb. Try to find a publisher who knows how to do this well by creating engaging copy with links that supplement, rather than detract, from the text.

Sites that are successful at this are these Amazon affiliate sites that make a lot of revenue through different strategies.  Get a free report of 37 strategies for Affiliate Marketing from R.O.EYE.

Deciding how long you would like your advertisement to run for is a key part of the process as it will allow you to determine how much you would like to spend. You can change a number of different factors or even test the waters before you pay up, depending on which affiliate program you use. Sites like keep their links up on different affiliate sites long term as they can be slotted seamlessly into a number of different articles. These articles will usually pop up on Google, even if they’re not brand new, which offers a steady stream of new readers to the site.

Working with a site that compliments your business will make the whole process much easier as they won’t be trying to disguise your brand in an awkward way. It also helps if they’re in some way knowledgeable about the subject area as they will be able to create more targeted, high quality content without a lot of research. If they can make their copy timeless and always up to date then the views will keep rolling in even after the initial buzz after publishing. Informative articles are evergreen so make sure that your publisher is working hard to create content that will continue to bring in readers no matter how long it has been since originally publishing.

Above all track your clicks so you can see which publisher is doing the most for you. You can even use a link shrinker like and give each publisher a unique address to publish, then you can manage these simply and easily.

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