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When you know you need social media skills and don’t want to hire an agency to do it for you – the best solution is to get trained.

The excellent Wanita Zoghby-Fourie is hosting Social Media Conference on 18th September in Auckland.  

Her talents have persuaded BOTH Facebook and Google to share the platform to enable you to learn faster.  (Believe me, these guys normally don’t ‘play together’, this is a huge achievement.)

Who should attend

Predominantly for solopreneurs,  small  and medium business owners, and people working on social media roles either within corporates or externally. Although the conference is aimed towards small to medium business, we believe that the same rules apply across all businesses. Everything online is scalable depending on size.

This conference is for you if you are wanting to use social media and online marketing to maximise your business online.

Get a discount – just for you

Creative Agency Secrets clients can get a special discount of $200 use the coupon code SMCONNZ15

Our Speakers are

  • Annah Stretton, known for growing her small business into a fashion franchise,
  • Evan Hick from Facebook and Simon Laird from Google – the two giants in Social Media who have the latest information,
  • Natalie Cutler Welsh who is a social media and networking guru from Gotogirl and has come back from the San Diego Social Media Conference with fresh perspectives to share,
  • Troy Rawhiti-Forbes from Spark who is the online communities specialist.
  • Cassie Roma who hails from San Diego and has helped small business owners with social media and now works for Air New Zealand as their Social Media Manager and
  • Leon Jay who is the founder of Fusion HQ, was the Director of Marketing for Mark Joyner, featured on the Internet Marketing Magazine (a space only reserved for those who have generated more than seven figures online),  and has grown his small business into a million dollar enterprise.

Sign up today – you won’t be disappointed!

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