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Encouaging prospects to reveal their interest in your business is one of the hardest-to-master techniques for online new business development copywriting.  You know you have website visitors, the analytics show the passage of traffic but it’s all anonymous.

You need to get better at contact forms:

Here are the symptoms

  • lots of people visit your website (probably)
  • few get in touch to find out more
  • fewer move up the funnel towards purchase
  • pipeline does not get many new enquiries from the website

How to Copywrite contact forms

  • Be economic with words
  • Only ask for information you NEED
  • Seek originality in your wording

We found a great example from Markitors – they offer a neat free tips service.  Using the one free tip offer encourages action by the reader and recruits an email address to an autoresponder series.

And take a read of our earlier article on Best Practice Email sign up Forms

One Free tip button encourages action

One Free tip button encourages action

markitors freebie

2 replies
  1. Nicholas Morgan
    Nicholas Morgan says:

    Hi there!

    I saw that your site already has good design and content, but it can be more profitable for your business if its user-interface gets improved. Most business websites nowadays don’t just look stunning, but they also have features that help these companies grow. I’m reaching out to you because I’m a freelance web designer seeking new clients to work with.

    I’ll send you my portfolio, so you’ll be more familiar of what I’m capable of accomplishing for your website. I’m also offering you a free consultation on how I can make your site stunning and highly functional, and how you can make it more profitable. Kindly write back to me about when you’re free to be contacted. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Nicholas Morgan
    Web Designer

    • Rebecca Caroe
      Rebecca Caroe says:

      You can send me your portfolio, Nicholas. Please reference this reply by putting the words Website comment on Contact Forms in the subject line.


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