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Occasionally I read an article that stops me in my tracks, it’s so compelling and aligned with my own thinking that I stumble, double-take and yell Hooray!

This is one of those articles.

Before you read it, I’d like you to indulge me and hear my anecdote.

My search for a Business Peer Support Group

Creative Agency Mastermind Lightbulb

Creative Agency Mastermind. Image credit: TheNextWeb

Last year I joined a business owners group run locally which met monthly to “advance” your business.  We sat in a conference room filling out forms about our business stats for the month, how we were progressing and then tabled issues for group discussion.  In between times, we had weekly accountability partner calls.  Having done 5 months of this, I realised that the process was really useful and 100% what I needed.

The other attendees were not right.

I want a group full of business innovators, folks who take action and connect with others, who find what’s new and how their business can take advantage – leading from the front.

And so I set out to find a better group to collaborate with.  But I didn’t find one.

I read, I asked others and found that the market for peer-to-peer support for business owners remains under-served.  There are some paid-for groups, there are industry groups, there are business groups.  None seems to fit the bill perfectly.

And so I’m setting up my own Mastermind Group.

The Creative Agency Mastermind Group

The aim:  To advance our businesses.

How:  Meet once every month to learn, share, collaborate and problem solve.  Mutual accountability.  Brainstorming.

Goal:  To grow, sell or exit our businesses while staying at the leading edge of innovation for good business practice.

First meeting 23rd March 2016.

Want to join us?  Get in touch

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