Direct mail subject line text

Email marketing subject line recommendations

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This week has been spent writing direct response emails for client campaigns.

And so it was delightful to receive one which has a really awesome subject line.  You may want to emulate it.

Direct mail subject line text

Direct mail subject line text


What a timely question!  This week I am doing the business planning for Creative Agency secrets during 2015.  And so yes, the beginnings of my 2015 lead generation is now in place.

But it may not be for you!

Here are three more subject lines I’ve used this week

  • Subject: Ride the escalator to business success; don’t climb the stairs
  • Subject: You can run your business the way you always have….
  • Subject: Closing the loop

The last one is particularly effective for getting decisions from prospects and pushing them into buying.

Ask me about it….

Do you need help writing direct response emails?

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Below you’ll find the full text of Mark’s email and the event he and David Baker are promoting.


Here’s Mark’s email in full

Not surprisingly, I tend to measure the success of Newfangled based on our performance over the calendar year. Because of that, I find myself both excited and a bit daunted each January–it’s a new year, and we can make anything of it, for better or worse.

For almost a decade, I started my year by attending and presenting at the annual New Business Summit that David Baker and Blair Enns put on in Nashville. They chose to end that event after ten successful years of hosting it, and I have to admit my start to 2014 felt a little odd in its absence.

This year, David has decided to create a new, quite different, and more specialized event, “Advanced Planning + Lead Generation,” and he’s asked me to spend a few hours at the event sharing Newfangled’s knowledge of how to create the best possible system for regularly generating highly qualified leads for your business.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this event, and to be heading back to Nashville this January. I hope you’ll consider joining me there later this month, from 1/29 – 1/30.

You can read about it here, download the brochure here, and register for the event here.

In regard to that last registration link, David put a pretty interesting sliding early bird pricing model in place which you might want to check out sooner than later.

Here’s to a year of great success for you and your firm.


Mark O’Brien / CEO

Newfangled • 601 West Rosemary Street, Suite 213, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Tel: 800 330 4435 x1  Email:

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