Startup marketing for a juice bar

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Any start up info for a new business opening – a juice bar in a tourist area in Tenerife.

First suggestions:
  1. Strong branding and excellent signage around your shop.
  2. Have an A-frame board outside on the pavement.  And try to change what you write on it daily.  If you can be witty, all the better as people will photograph it and share online. ideas here
  3. Create a website with a blog.  Each day photograph your A-frame board and add that to the blog, set up automatic sharing to Facebook, Instagram and any other social media you want to use.  Include the same hashtags #tenerife #juicebar #NameOfYourBar and if relevant the suburb / street / area.  Other ideas for blog posts are recipes, seasonal special offer deals, quiz questions (what’s in a pina colada, how much ice should go in a smoothie) etc
  4. Offer a discount to anyone who likes you on Facebook when you launch….  get them to show you their smartphone page like before they pay.  This will get you a crowd to kick off as fans.
  5. Do joint promotions with other complimentary local businesses – they send you their customers and you reciprocate.  Which days of the week are quiet?  Or which times of the day?  Do a guy 2 get one free offer before 11 am or on Mondays.
All the things I’ve suggested fit into Step 4 Profile Raising of our New Business Development Methodology. Read other blog posts in that category for more ideas.4 Profile raising icon
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