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What does your company do as far as embracing diversity within the work place?

Poly Emp Employment & Advisory Service is a supported employment agency that works with young Poly Emppeople that have learning and intellectual disabilities. We place young people that want to work into mainstream employment. To do this we actively market to work places.

Did you know that 17% of New Zealand’s population have a disability? These people all shop, work, go on holidays and contribute to their community in some way. Unfortunately these people with a disability encounter huge barriers when it comes to finding employment. Creative agencies will all know that when you understand the impact of disability on customers your clients will reach a wider market as all of these customers have family, friends and colleagues.

Poly Emp Employment & Advisory Service has recently placed a client of ours at Y & R NZ Ltd in Auckland. This young man has a learning disability and visual atrophy. This young man is an admin assistant at the business, he does all sorts of basic tasks for example kitchen duties, simple admin duties, setting up meeting rooms, organising client refreshments and collating financial invoices. This is a job that was created for this young man.

How about giving someone a chance at being a contributing member of society by employing them? Contact me anita.walker@manukau.ac.nz at Poly Emp Employment & Advisory Service let’s have a chat.

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