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8 Marketing Strategies To Grow And Scale A Local Business

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Most of New Zealand’s businesses are local. Knowing how to get known locally is an important skill. Today we’re showing you our latest tips for local marketing success.  Better still, they’re all things you can do yourself – today.

Ready for your local marketing quick-fix?

Local marketing is absolutely essential nowadays whether its a neighbourhood, a city or a country. Few of your customers are in social media looking for your locally supplied services.  Having robust local marketing tactics is essential. The key is to get value from both online and offline marketing spend and the cross-overs are increasingly beneficial when focused on local marketing.

Rebecca Caroe shows you 8 tactics for local marketing success. Take a look at the list, and for more details, check out Rebecca’s full presentation below.

8 Tactics For Local Marketing Success

1. Google My Business 

You can control how Google represents you by looking at 4 aspects of your site: words, pictures, videos, and maps. Go to business.google.com to edit the information. This is great for verifying addresses, changing and maintaining information when you move and much more. Today, since a vast majority the local searches are happening on mobile, it’s important to keep the information up to date. In fact, we did an experiment of where our ads were viewed and found that an overwhelming majority of our advertising was viewed on mobile devices (see video below – timestamp 21:06).

2. Key Words

Use efficient local keywords. Google is well known but supports its own objectives. Select an independent keyword tool. Also ensure that the city, town, or suburb are all included in the meta data.

3. Directory Listings

Online directories are underappreciated and do matter. Get yourself listed in both general and niche directories. Write a standard one sentence or paragraph and send it in to all of them. Don’t know where to start? We have you covered with our comprehensive list of directories.

4. Google Alerts

Google can give you alerts for key search phrases. Sign up to get them. Good phrases to sign up for are your business name, key staff members, competitors,  and new business opportunities. This is a great way to contact prospects, build a mailing list and much more.

5. Business Associations

Business associations are an invaluable way of meting local businesses. Through this, you will be able to network, give talks, send out promotions, and even get a mailing list.

6. Networking Events

The reason for this is similar to the previous point; you can grow your local network giving you greater and more diverse business opportunities. Consider both general and niche events. The video below has many websites to find these events locally such as Eventbrite and Meetup.com. A good idea is to have a post-event process for picking up contacts. The handy “Card-In-The-Pocket Trick” works every time. Simply put the business cards of contacts you do want to follow up with in your right pocket and in your left pocket, put the others.

7. Testimonials

We all need to know who’s worthy of our trust and testimonials are a great way to do it. Make sure you have a testimonial page on your website. Set up a process to get testimonials regularly and make sure the most recent ones are on the top. And be sure to link it back to a client’s website. Keep a long and a short version. The short version can go on the website page for easy readability, and put the long version in a blog post that you can link to on the site.

8. Local Advertising

The traditional methods still work and are great for brand building and product/service promotion. Google Adwords, Google AdSense, Yellow Pages, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all great places to do this.

Want more?  How much more?

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