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The uncertainty and change facing us is a new challenge.  I have been doing short mini videos through the lockdown.  They were designed to give fast tips for action.

Now I’m hosting longer form discussions with a locals who are smart thinkers and smart do-ers.

I want to know what the Government is doing for SMEs.  And so I booked two interviews.  One with a business owner and one with a member of the Small Business Council working with MBIE.  What they told me shows how far we have to go and the sort of resources YOU can expect to get in the form of support for your business future.

SMEs and public policy

First up is Vaughan Winiata – we are talking about small medium enterprises in New Zealand.

New Zealand businesses are facing an uncertain future.

  • What is the SME landscape
  • What skillsets are needed to advance an SME business?
  • Bridge-building to Wellington policy makers
  • What are your Top 3 things you would like Stuart Nash Minister for Small Business to address in the $20 Billion budget set aside for assistance for SMEs


Andy Hamilton is on the Small Business Council

Andy and I talk tips and tricks for business owners facing challenges.

  • The landscape of SME business owners and how they are faring in Lockdown
  • Have you worked in a recession before or not?
  • Can New Zealand go digital?
  • Should all firms be direct to consumer DTC?
  • Which model of capitalism do we want? Stakeholders are more than shareholders – they include customers, suppliers and staff
  • Small Business Council and working to improve business life for SMEs


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