The new Covid – a battle not the whole war

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The announcement of a renewed Covid lockdown to Level 3 in Auckland – which affects me and many of my clients seems to be a mixture of ‘here we go round the mulberry bush’ and ‘once more into the breach, dear Friends.’

I can’t decide if it’s Shakespeare or a child’s nursery tale.

Be obedient and diligent

I was reminded this week by Trish Love that Churchill didn’t know how many battles it would take to win a war.  And neither do we.

She wrote

In 1939 nobody knew how long the war was going to last.  But, they did know there would be more than one major battle to finish it.  At every stage, Churchill and others had to navigate with the then current set of circumstances.  They did so with courage and steel resolve.  Our Covid-19 situation is not dissimilar.  It will only be with hindsight that we find its’ full impact and duration.  

If from the future looking back, you were to know that we are currently entering the very early stages of a second major “battle”, what would you do differently if you had that benefit of hindsight?  Consciously consider this now, because we have been told that further lock-downs are a case of when, not if.  Plan for your business needs from the perspective of many potential major economic battles occurring in this war.  Work with us to do so, it is crucial to have external help on your team.  Nobody can do this alone.

And what if, this were to be only the second major economic battle of many, over the next few years?  What if we had 7-8 further lock-downs heading their way towards us?  You might need to change what you do, by further investing in some areas of your business, but ration other areas.  The rationing may need to be on your discretionary spending, subject to your business needs.  

Covid is our modern day battleground.

Our goal is survival, thrive if possible, and adapt and renew.

All big ‘asks’ for a business community under pressure.

What we learned already

From the last lockdown we all learned fast. Take a look back at the recession marketing video articles I wrote if you need a refresher.

  • Use what we learned already
  • Look out for each other – help, offer, support
  • Don’t be ashamed to ask for help
  • And consider Scenario Planning as a tool for your future outlook
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