Marketing and HR combine

Marketing and HR Can Now Join Forces Thanks to Tech

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More and more businesses are beginning to see the benefit in strengthening the connection between their

Marketing and HR combine

Marketing and HR combine
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marketing and human resources departments. When technology is used in combining the resources of HR and marketing, it can certainly have a positive impact on both departments. Technology ensures that everyone in the same company has access to the same information, which can make it easier to build brand loyalty. Trust in a company is increased when potential customers see a genuine commitment in its personnel.

Consumers desire products that they can perceive as being aligned with their own self-image or that fit in with an idealistic lifestyle. The same emotional needs and motivations apply to employees too, especially those who identify themselves with a particular culture or set of values.

Technology is used in marketing to build brand loyalty through strategies that bring in better results. When marketing strategies are combined with HR, the result is greater employee loyalty through higher expectations and more engagement with the brand.

When marketing and HR join forces, thanks to tech, the value of the brand is enhanced from a customer’s point of view and this has an obvious impact on sales.

Technology allows HR teams to focus on strategic tasks

HR software systems allow close analysis of employee performance. This means that an employee’s future prospects depend less on having the right skills and formal qualifications and more on their level of engagement with company values and branding.

HR can carry out analysis of job candidates in the same way that the marketing department identifies and targets potential customers. This effectively rules out anyone being employed that are likely start complaining. If the wrong sort of people are hired, the potential is always there that they will do harm to the brand by using social networks or suchlike to voice their complaints.

When HR can focus on recruiting people who want a more meaningful career, company employees stay loyal to the brand and act as ambassadors. They post positive messages about their job and show pride in what they do.

Together marketing and HR can build better strategies

The same type of analytical data that is used by HR to identify the potential of an employee can be applied in marketing to assess the relevant aspects of a potential consumer.

Tracking software used in HR gives all employees access to their own data. The marketing department can use feedback from individual employees in combination with analytics to see exactly how well their strategies are working in real terms. The team can then make decisions about refinements that will increase sales through better marketing strategies in future.

Greater benefits for business

Before the digital age, a marketing department was primarily concerned with working to a budget, and its main focus was on products and consumer demands. HR was not involved in any of those aspects and was only concerned with company employees. In the modern world employees expect to be treated more like consumers and the functions of these two departments should become more closely linked through technology. As a result there will be some obvious improvements in both departments.

Marketing departments develop strategies that match the company’s values. They establish a brand and reinforce the company mission. The same sort of technology used in marketing can help HR to recruit sales staff that have a similar philosophy. With the input of data from HR and the marketing department, the workforce is better prepared to get the right message across to potential customers.

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