Tips on Getting Things Done

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Getting things done is the difference between the successful and the rest.

objectives and key results

Book on Objectives and Key Results

I like to prioritise tasks for myself on a grid or importance and urgency – but this is just a short term day task management tool.  If you have big projects that will achieve your goals, you need a better system.

A workable workflow

Introducing OKRs – Objectives and Key Results – a toolset that will help you align focus, engagement and get the team aligned.

Working within a team is challenging because each person can contribute massively as either an accelerant or a brake on progress.

I’m a rower and the sport of rowing is often used as a metaphor for workplace teamwork. The lessons I learned from sport carry through into my working life. I’ve enjoyed hiring sportspeople because they understand many of these techniques already.

Pick a toolset that works

Rebecca’s rowing business Faster Masters Rowing

Having a hierarchy of tools helps you both in the day to day and also in the longer term. The bigger a project the easier it is to lose focus and direction as you dive into detail, it’s hard to see the bigger picture of your overall progress…. or lack.

An important feature of OKRs is pacing. Setting the speed of work that is manageable.

This book explains what OKRs are and also a detailed example of ways to set them up which you can copy in your business.

Now, get going…!


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