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Customer Reviews – what about the bad ones?

Reviews are essential for businesses building brand visibility online. But bad reviews make my toes curl. Sometimes they are fair, sometimes not. What can the marketing team do about this? Different pathways for different reviews Treating different customers differently is a core principle of good CRM. But until the review is published, you won’t know […]

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Podcasts for event promotion

Podcasting is going mainstream – it’s the newest part of content marketing and frankly it’s about time! Many people have been producing independent shows in voice format for years – I started one for my sport in 2013 – but only in the past year have brands started to get on board. So why podcast […]

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Advance your LinkedIn focus

Many B2B marketers and brands are using LinkedIn intensively as a channel to market, building awareness and interest in your offering. LinkedIn is NOT EFFECTIVE a direct marketing channel – it’s for brand marketing. Today I have a challenge for you. Followers. Who follows you? Go to your LinkedIn page and log in. Then navigate […]

Key Website Creation Tips You Can Learn From A Graphic Design Course

A website’s success is often dependent on its design flow, cohesiveness and content. This is the reason as to why a lot of User Experience experts (UX) are also adept in graphic design. One of the best ways to create a good user experience is by having a clear grasp of design principles. Here’s some […]

Adoption curves for MarTech

This past week has seen a “Sweeper Wave” of coinciding reading and researches which tell me one new thing – podcasting for business content marketing is now going mainstream. First let me explain the sweeper waves – I was on holiday on the Coromandel Coast and a sea swell off the west coast caused occasionally […]


Ready to learn Social Media in 2019?

Rebecca is going to be at the Social Media Conference NZ #SMCNZ19 March 1-2 – she’s hosting a table talk on podcasting and blogging for business. This is a fantastic opportunity to invest in your business and for your own professional development. The conference is for Small business to corporates, from beginners to advanced. Imagine […]

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Problem Solving for Marketing

Three types of complex problem exist and marketing increasingly faces all of them as we go omni-channel. Understand the differences and the methods of resolving each

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Referral traffic from Pingl is spam

I was checking the analytics on a client site and saw a referral from a website I did not recognise.  And so I investigated it. After typing in the reach-publisheral website address manually (I always do this in a new browser window), an automatic redirect came into effect and I ended up on [no, […]

Why I’m not signing up with DesignRush

There are lots of agency listing websites and directories – I have long been a fan of Chuck Meyst at and Tom Holmes’ Creative Brief in the UK. DesignRush is a nicely designed website for listing agencies allowing filtering by country and skillset. I found three New Zealand agencies there – none of them competitors […]

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Keyword tool tip for 2019

Happy new year everyone.  I’m loving being on summer break – but it doesn’t stop me researching and finding top new tools and ideas for digital marketing success. Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords Found this great site which can help you identify LSI keywords for your website SEO. What are LSI keywords? LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) […]