Podcast RSS automatic update

The RSS feed helps people subscribing using a podcast app (like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts etc) to receive your episodes. Each time you upload a new episode, the RSS feed updates the app. Then the listener downloads a local copy of your episode to listen to. So you don’t need to do […]

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Another Podcast launched

Today we announce the Economy Watch podcast by Interest.co.nz has launched. It’s a daily summary of the key overnight news that affects the New Zealand economy. Short podcasts for news In scoping the content and audience for this podcast, we decided that a short format podcast was a good choice. Listeners are on their way […]

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Marketing using easter eggs

Little surprises that reward your customers are a really nice way of helping them to feel special. Today I got a marketing easter egg from Seth Godin. The benefits of careful reading The message was short, barely formatted and it’s one I have waited a year to receive. Hidden in the fourth line was a […]

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10 LinkedIn Company Page Ideas & Suggestions

Create a Showcase page – with updates just for these sub-sets which allows for segmentation of viewers. Add Company page link to email signatures – update monthly with the pinned post. The BEST imagery on the Company page – include your logo watermarked into the image. 1,536px x 768px. Re-write the company overview text to […]

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2 new LinkedIn Tools – Saved search and Article title edits

Today I came across two new features in LinkedIn which will definitely help marketers and pro-active networkers. And one negative feature. Throttle Control is ON LinkedIn is clearly pushing for greater revenues – many of my favourite work-rounds for search and connecting are now getting blocked. Have you noticed this? I got blocked from searching […]

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Business positioning – do this

Can a prospect tell “at a glance” whether you are the right business for their needs? Web visits last ever-shorter durations and so your positioning [the message about what you do and for whom] is critical. I was asked by a client to provide examples of marketing agencies who have good positioning on their websites. […]

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Who’s your LinkedIn Follower?

LinkedIn hides some of its best features – deliberately. So here is my quick tip of the week to help you grow your connection base. Do you know about your followers and following feed? Thought not. Log into your LinkedIn. Then paste this into your browser and take a look at this URL. It lists […]

How to find digital marketers

You can look on freelancer websites and marketplaces. Some of these are specialist sites, e.g. Toptal is for UX/UI people. Upwork | Hire Freelancers. Make things happen. http://Freelancer.com Clarity — On Demand Business Advice allows you to ask questions first and then hire the people who answer. You can buy advice over the phone by […]

New Music Band for a podcast:

How to market a podcast

I got asked to give a high-level answer to this question on Quora.  My response is quite generic – the process applies to any marketing project – the detail of the methodology in each step is where each will differ.The questioner was asking about a “new music podcast”. Who is your podcast audience? What type […]

Podcasts – the last internet landgrab?

Podcasts are growing so fast that the big-money VC community have started to throw funding towards podcasting platforms. Last year Spotify got in on the act with three podcast business acquisitions and now the mega-big guns of Luminary will launch with a premium paid offering of exclusive podcast content. Internet land grabs for all Since the […]