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Client references

It’s always nice to have some past clients who either write testimonials or provide references or act as references for new clients. I was asked recently who my client references are and what I did with and for them. Armour Safety – supplier of health and safety workplace protection whose PPE stocks blasted off the […]

4 Accounting Techniques That Benefit Your Business Productivity

4 Accounting Techniques That Benefit Your Business Productivity

You’ll have a lot of things on your plate once you decide to start a business. For starters, you need to hire the right employees for the right positions to ensure that every facet of your business functions perfectly. However, if you want your business to be productive, it’s not enough that you only focus […]

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Lunch for business networking

Back in the day I moved to Auckland in 2012 and since I am networked into the tech crowd, I was an early participant in LetsLunch. An opportunity to meet people face to face for a quick lunch and a business ‘get to know you’ discussion. It was a blast – I remember meeting Hamish Pinkham and John […]

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Using Wikipedia and Quora for marketing

I recently got asked about whether Wikipedia is good for marketing. It’s a high traffic website from where backlinks could be valuable. If you do create Wikipedia entries be aware that there are rules about businesses on the platform. The recent history of Marketing on Wikipedia A lot of PR agencies got publicly burned while […]

National’s SME policy

The New Zealand National Party manifesto just published with some pledges to help the small business sector. We know we are important to the economy – but this really shows clarity of purpose and thinking, which I disagree with. Read the full document Get people back to work One of their proposals is to provide […]

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5 Tips for Managing a Company With Remote Employees

With the availability of the internet and technology that we have today, more and more companies are operating remotely. There are plenty of advantages for employees working remotely. They can work from home and care for their family. They don’t have to deal with rush hour traffic during their daily commute. The organization also thrives […]

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Getting linkbacks for SEO

<Rant warning begins> Do you regularly check your website links? I found comments in my site back end today which made me spit tacks. And so I wrote to the business who was linked from the commenter. Do you know your SEO agency are making spammy comments on blogs in order to get you linkbacks? […]

Slideshare got sold

Today’s discovery. Slideshare got sold. I was a very early Scribd user…. now I find they’ve bought Slideshare from LinkedIn. This will change things for many of us who love Slideshare. What happens to my slide decks shared into LinkedIn? [they stay] Who still uses Slideshare [me and my clients] Why is Scribd such a great platform? […]

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Marketing perception versus reality

I love my profession. Marketers come in all stripes and sizes. Some are shysters and others are hard graft honest workers. We use a lot of techniques to advantage the brands we are working for. Some are sly and dishonest and others are honourable. And today I am focusing on two different ways to influence […]

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Tips on Getting Things Done

Getting things done is the difference between the successful and the rest. I like to prioritise tasks for myself on a grid or importance and urgency – but this is just a short term day task management tool.  If you have big projects that will achieve your goals, you need a better system. A workable […]