Christmas Campaigns That Shine

Christmas campaigns may seem like a gimmick, but they work. That’s because it’s a time of year where people are looking to buy and as a result, customers are far more communicative. Look reactionary by planning early Planning early has many benefits. For example, you don’t want to get a campaign stopped behind bureaucratic doors and miss your chance […]

3 Cheers to the Design agency who fired Lord Sugar

A delightful story from Design Week about the agency hired to help with the Apprentice reality TV show and how they ended up quitting. Does anyone remember Richard Seymour on the Product Design show “Better by Design”? The agency had EXACTLY the same reaction – the show took top talent out of the business and it […]

Marketing a tree care surgery business

I am looking to launch a tree care (trimming, removal) business and was looking for ideas on creative advertising etc that can be done cheap. You’ve come to the right place!  You don’t say which town you are in but here are our best suggestions: Join a BNI group.  Business Networking International meetings are weekly […]

Writing and reading long emails

Long copy email as a sales tool – example

Writing long emails There are people who do not favour writing long messages, yet there are others who buck the trend to compress and shorten messages. Because they have a beautiful writing style they “get away” with long messages. I often read these. David Baker runs ReCourses – a service advising owners how to run […]

A note on subject lines for cold email

I am subscribed to get emails from Nick Johnson from Incite.  His copywriting is exemplary and I regularly find myself wanting to take the actions he requests. Look at this picture taken from my in box of recent messages I’ve received from Incite. Did you notice that few of the subject lines actually say what’s […]

Skincare brand launch gift ideas

We got a question from a reader Hi, will you please give me an idea about launching and what gifts we can give to our guests. I want something related to skin care products.   Product launch gifts What the gift is – should relate to your brand.  Ideally can you create small samples in […]

Business Marketing Tools Explained: What Are Autoresponders?

We create email Autoresponders on a regular basis because they’re a brilliant marketing tool. But so many people ask us what an Autoresponder actually is and why it makes sense for marketing your business. Autoresponders are more than just those out of office replies you get when you email someone sometimes.  They’re automated emails that start based on a defined […]

What’s the best way to introduce my business by email?

We get asked this a lot and the short answer is that it must be part of a wider marketing / business development plan.  BUT within that context here’s our recommendation. The best way to introduce a company to new buyers using email is this. Research potential businesses by browsing their websites and finding the […]

decision tree for creative agency services

Can you help us test our new “decision tree”?

We’ve changed our website home page.  It’s now got a new graphic of an apple and orange there. Behind this is a cunning “decision tree”. What happens next? Please help us test it out by visiting our home page and clicking on the image (or by clicking on the image below) and see what you discover. Please send […]

How to be an accountant of the future – an interview with Rob Nixon

We caught up with Rob Nixon business manager turned business training extraordinaire for accountants. He trains accountants and helps firms function and transition to success in this hectic world of progress. Here are his thoughts on the current state of accounting and what it says about the future of it… What is the most important […]