Brands Seeking Agencies 25th April 2013

Find new leads for your agency. Subscribe and get a weekly summary of all the leads listed here by email. Buy a monthly subscription for $19 and receive the full names of all the brands listed. Learn more about Brands Seeking Agencies. Brands Seeking Agencies Americas Beauty products group searching “how to write the perfect creative brief”, OH, USA […]

Alternatives to Wildfire as they withdraw pay-as-you-go

Wildfire was one of the first apps we found to do promotions on the Facebook platform.  Founded by cool Kiwi entrepreneur Victoria Ransom, they got bought by Google and have clearly been spending time refocusing their work onto large customers who can afford $2,500 per month fees.  The little people will have to go elsewhere […]

Contact Forms: New business development copywriting

Encouaging prospects to reveal their interest in your business is one of the hardest-to-master techniques for online new business development copywriting.  You know you have website visitors, the analytics show the passage of traffic but it’s all anonymous. You need to get better at contact forms: Here are the symptoms lots of people visit your […]

Xero Marketing: a pitch & a critique

Xero is a hugely popular cloud accounts package that has taken much of the Intuit QuickBooks and MYOB business from SMEs worldwide. Prompted by an article in Forbes about in-house marketing teams versus external agency use, I remembered a pitch we sent off to Xero. As a customer of Xero and as a marketer, the things I […]

All my LinkedIn contacts are 3rd degree – how can I connect?

We got an enquiry from a reader who asked this question “I’m utilizing LinkedIn for meeting clients but currently everyone seems to be a third degree. what are some ice breakers I can use to introduce myself.” As you know, it’s very difficult to get peoples’ attention as they are busy professionals. Here are some suggestions […]

The Art of Infographics for biz dev

It’s no secret that images help to enhance your blog content. But infographics will take this further, by combining content and images into one neat, shareable package. Not only are infographics shareable, but they can take complex information and simplify it, as well as attracting the attention of those who don’t have the patience to […]

Lightbox or New Window?

I’m sure many of you by this stage have either heard of Lightboxes or have already attempted to implement them on your own website. Lightboxes have replaced “tabbed browsing” as the fresh alternative to opening a new window. This post will give a quick pros and cons list of Lightboxes and discuss both the everyday […]

New business development copywriting – writing a chasing email

We’ve all been there – sent a message and  you’re not sure if they have read it, ignored it or whether it’s not arrived.  How do you politely write a follow up message that provokes action? One of my cardinal rules in new business development is to remember this one thing The prospect does not owe you […]

Hire the right digital marketing agency – a guide

Here’s a great guide to how to find the best digital agency for your business brand needs. Getting an organisation who matches your needs and is able to deliver to your brief takes time and careful analysis. Get yourself all the information you need in order to find the best agency and then you have […]

Newsletter sign up offers: Expert new business development copywriting

Persuading people to join your mailing list is probably the most important first step in new business development tactics.  A mailing list is a valuable asset for your business.  The people who give up their time to join your list WANT to know what you do. They are interested in your business. The right offer drives more […]