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Back in the day I moved to Auckland in 2012 and since I am networked into the tech crowd, I was an early participant in LetsLunch. An opportunity to meet people face to face for a quick lunch and a business ‘get to know you’ discussion.

It was a blast – I remember meeting Hamish Pinkham and John Humphrey through the group.

Now there’s the opportunity to do it again – virtually.

Introducing Lunch Club

I can’t wait.

The chance to approach people in my locale and to ask them for lunch was so powerful and gave us all a chance to grow our networks alongside the pleasure of eating nice food is something I’d like to do again.

Lunch Club sign up page

Lunch Club for Auckland – let’s get started

So will you join me?

We need 450 people to join the group before a New Zealand Lunch Club can launch. Click the link to subscribe to an “Auckland” club…. don’t worry if you don’t live here – as long as you and I are in New Zealand I think we can make this work.

Lunch anyone?

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