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Getting in front of the people you want to sell to is difficult. Hell, we even wrote a how to manual about ways to research and find contact details of people online.

GoHachi threatens to make this history with its network-of-networks approach to business referrals and introductory sales.

I was an early beta tester and I love the idea of joining together all my networks and using whichever works best to connect with prospects.

So when Hachi invited me to test it out again, I jumped at the chance.

Hachi is improved

Take a look at the nice graphics and easy site layout.  All good for UX.

I added in my Linked In contacts.

Hachi linked in connections

Hachi linked in connections

– but was a bit confused because I thought I’d already done them.

My profile photo isn’t rendering properly (but I know what I look like).

Hachi helps make a connection to a prospect

Hachi helps make a connection to a prospect

So I thought I’d try out a couple of new introductions.

I browsed the “surprise me” tab to see who Hachi thought I should connect to.

Then I ran and saved a search for “marketing managers” in Auckland, New Zealand.  Came up with someone at Fonterra – a  milk marketing and buying company so I thought I’d give it a go.

Hachi offered me 5 possible routes to connect and I selected Jason – who I know from PocketSmith (cute financial planning tool).

Irritatingly, it doesn’t offer me the chance to just click and send.  I have to manually type in his email (necessitated going to Linked In which I thought I’d connected).

Hachi requires you to insert email

Hachi requires you to insert email

There’s a nice page where you can keep track of all the introductions you have in progress.

Let’s see what comes back.

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  1. rachna
    rachna says:

    Hey Rebecca – thanks for being an early user of Hachi, and for this thoughtful blog post.

    Your point about making it easier for you to send introduction emails, is very apt. In fact, we are making a couple of enhancements to our introduction feature, and you can check it out in a week’s time.

    LinkedIn’s API terms restrict us from processing your connections. Hence, we ask you to import your connections into Hachi. We will make our messaging more clear.

    We know how lovely you look 🙂 and we will fix the profile image bug – it is happening in case of a few users.



  2. Jack Hoyt
    Jack Hoyt says:

    Hey Rebecca, neat tool, thanks for the overview. In my daily research and prospecting, I’ve found it hard enough to get even a first connection to introduce me to someone I’d like to get in front of…not sure how well going through TWO people to get to a prospect will work effectively, but I’d love to see your results in a follow up post!



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